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A review a customer did on his new T-Box 223 Wylde barrel

—->>This is NOT Grendel<<—-

Several of you have asked about Tbox barrels, and the quality of their products. If you don’t know who they are, that’s probably because they don’t do a lot of advertising, or product pushing. They however are not new, and have been producing barrels for a fairly long time. Each barrel is hand chambered, not on a lathe like everyone else. Other than the price, and accuracy of barrels being made, the best thing about the company are their moral values. I have seen them do things that I have never seen other companies do, with double the profit margin. They truly are a great company.

My last few barrels have been custom made on bartlein blanks. Cost wise, $700-$850 depending what I wanted. Pretty quickly I came accustom to the bartlein accuracy. When Jeff Williams came into the Grendel world a couple years ago, He used a Tbox. Most of us had never heard of them. The first few times he showed his groups with their barrel, I was pretty blown away. I really wanted to try one, but I just put a new barrel on my Grendel. His barrel was $300 cheaper than my bartlein, and both shot nearly the same. Jeff is a good shot(don’t tell him that), I was curious to know if it was the Indian or the bow.

Fast forward to a couple months ago, I needed to rebarrel one of my match/trainer rifles. Perfect time to try TBox. I’m not a fan of long barrels on any of my rifles, so I ordered:

223 wylde
Mid length gas
SPR contour
.750 at the block
Threaded 1/2-28, which I wasn’t thinking, or it would have been 5/8-24.
Cerakoted black.

I’ve always found Grendel much easier to shoot accurately, with very little work. I’ve never been able to achieve the same level of accuracy with 223/5.56. That is until today.

I just started load development on my MK262 clone load, only using berger 77 OTM.

At 110 yards, Shooting a 10 round group, measuring just under .5″. That’s the best group I’ve ever shot with 223/5.56, and I’ve not even started tuning it yet.

Although I love my bartleins, next rebarrel my primary Grendel will get a Tbox. Eric Lee also happens to be a dealer.

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